2 Dead After Suicide Bomber Attacks Mosque In Kabul

A dead man has died in a bomb attack in Kabul after a bomb attack

The attack took place at one of the city’s most popular places of worship

Kabul, Afghanistan-

Authorities say a prominent imam and worshipers were killed in an explosion at a popular mosque in Greenbelt in Kabul on Tuesday.

The latest attack in the capital, Afghanistan, comes after a case against the bombing authorities in the northern part of the country.

He did not immediately report the explosion that occurred in one of the city’s most popular places of worship in central Kabul.

He sent explosives into the military-sanctioned military zone, where voices were heard at various embassies and international offices, sending their crews into safe rooms.

Tiger Aryan told WIC that terrorists carried out a series of land mines carried out by terrorists at the Wazirul Akbar mosque tonight.

The mosque is located in the main entrance to the Green Zone and within easy access to the area and outside. Senior leaders often go there to provide ceremonies.

Those killed were Masjid Imam’s grandfather Nyaya. He was famous in Kabul and his political convictions often involved well, so that his worshipers could deploy outside the mosque.

Adrien was initially attacked by a suicide bomber. But as investigations continue, the matter is not as clear.

A spokesman for President Asher Ghani called the incident a “horrible” attack.

The attack came after a bomb attack on an Islamic State group killed a journalist and a driver on Saturday.

Authorities say they have been killed by protesters in a roadside bomb attack in northern Afghanistan, after authorities said they had pushed for peace talks with protesters.

The explosion involved a worker in a heavy Kane Abad district in Kangzhou province.

Although no group has been responsible, Kizzu provincial spokesman Ishmael Murdi blamed the Taliban.

“The Taliban often plant roadside bombs to target security forces, but their bombs usually kill civilians,” he said.

Two of the six people who were injured in the Conziz blast were two of them in a critical condition, the provincial circuit chief said.

Possible peace talks

Despite the recent bloodshed, the conflict in Afghanistan has generally declined since May 24, when the Taliban announced a dramatic three-day fire to commemorate the Eid al-Fitr festival.

Gani welcomed the Taliban’s ceasefire and officials responded that 2,000 Taliban prisoners would be released on good terms in order to initiate peace talks.

“The president is ready to start negotiations at any time,” said Afghan President Abdullahi Abdul, who was appointed to lead the talks.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a video conference with senior officials in Kabul, including Monday Guine and his former advisor, Amal Salah.

While Sahel emphasized the need to continue the violence and stop the shootout, the two sides have discussed future steps to bring peace to Afghanistan.

In particular, the release of the Taliban prisoners and a forum for peace talks in Afghanistan-Afghanistan was particularly discussed.

Rebels have erupted after signing a border agreement with the United States in Calabar, which will open the way to eliminate all foreign forces until next year.

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