Boris Johnson Government Faces Mockery Over Coronavirus Sex Ban

The Boris Johnson government mocked the Coronavirus 'sex drive'.

The Boris Johnson government has found it ridiculous to file a COVID-19 sex offender


Britain’s prime minister Boris Johnson has been mocked on Tuesday over alleged media violations of the “Cornerstone” ban by some media.

No one can attend a meeting that takes place in a public or private home and holds two or more people, according to the amendments introduced by English law on Monday. The British tabloid media has called it a “bank block.”

When asked about the ban, British Junior Minister of Housing Simon Clark said: “This is unwise.

When asked if the couple was allowed to collaborate outside the home, Clark shrugged his head and said: “It is correct to say that the distribution of coronavirus is more open than the outside, but we do not explicitly encourage people to do anything. Out of here or at any other time.

Twitter has been trending in the UK on #Security. Some point to Johnson’s unethical personal life, while others point to the breach of key rules by Prime Minister Dominic Cummings.

Conservative lawmaker Tobias Il Wood told ITV that the policy seemed wrong. “I’m glad it’s called funny,” he said.

Some have questioned how it applies.

Is there a special ‘sexual force’ to make sure everyone is in line with this #SixB? “Jane Wood said on Twitter. Do they knock on the windows and send dios or something?”

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