Chippa Review: The Sunny Pour is appearing in this amazing fairy tale


Chippa Review: Sani Paura is still in the movie (courtesy of Netflix)

Actors Sani Par, Jairaj Battathakar, Sum Tark, Gut Sark, Masso Akhtar, Kalpan Mitra

Director Sardar Rahman

Step- 3.5 stars (out of 5)

A beautiful comedy movie at a number of festivals, Chippa It dropped on Netflix without streaming. Written and directed by Safdar Rahman, it has no star power. This doesn’t matter. Chippa It is a combination of heart, imagination, art, and a favorite Sunny Pawar.

The funny, bad ten-year-old boy who helps save Coca Roads is walking outside the Park Circus Hospital. On the other hand, a man who could read Urdu would spend a night searching for him.

Chippa It’s a children’s movie. The city saw the eyes of homeless children. Therefore, the lighting of Nin’s lamps is disgusting, and in no way is it cruel and the suburbs of the city become desolate at night. But the film does not fail to show the city’s debts, as street vendors, alcoholics, migrants and construction workers who are struggling to find an environment under them.

Sunny Parr (Young in the Saro The lion: Young Gatesden in Sacred Games) The spirit gives the character a character that conveys heat and brightness. The chippam stays on the ground, even in situations where the child is at risk. The letter does not have a clue but is curious. The letter can promise a new dawn.

Chippa It is a true story of hope and healing, light, heart warming and life proof. If one is doubtful, the film will have the character’s life suffer by criticizing the difficult circumstances. But, so this is the story of a poor little boy who won’t let the bad end of the tree help him.

The positive coverage in the film comes from Chippa himself. He had faith in people – and himself – never spin. Yes, on one occasion he will get to his heels and in the other, fear and confusion will subside, but the enemy is always about him.

Chippa stumbles on his father’s letter on the eve of his tenth birthday. He is in the company of people who are naማርve with his terrifying grandmother (Mala Mu herjee), who sells samosas and always rebukes her without asking for help. The letter provides a prerequisite to escape the chip. In spite of the stressful circumstances, he still sees the world as a wonderful and optimistic one.

Not surprisingly, it is no surprise that the knowledgeable Urdu in the city (and that night) is far more difficult than anyone might imagine.

In his evening narratives, he finds himself in the company of those who display the virtues of repeatedly striving to destroy his present and present realities and transport him to the dreams of his own dreams.


Chippa Review: Sunny Pawar in the movie yet

He has a chance at the mailbox. It has a few letters that stick to it. He took them out, crossed the street, sat on the sidewalk, drew a picture book out of his briefcase, and painted the tower of Fuel he saw on the stamp. The film uses animation to capture the chippe’s favorite flight: a strong Parisian accent reverts into existence to write a letter to a French girl.

The movie is far from Kolkatakata’s visual clicks. It does not provide any Hira Bridge, Victoria Memorial, Hawai’i or Durga Ja Ja holidays. This is a city where the people and the cartographer go back, when the public sleeps, and the nightlife, street dwellers and cemeteries find freedom in the desert.

Chippa runs in the cup (Seme et Tark, last seen Extension And Commando 3), Friendly batsman (Gaugar Sark), a small grocery store owner (Massachusetts Akhtar), a mailman driver, and Kalpan Mitra, as a taxi driver, is a refugee to the city.

The night is long and Chippa’s adventure will lead his listeners to other small sections that showcase the exciting side of the prequel. In the first sequence, he fled in the form of his son, who is represented by a group of transmitters. Instead of returning home in another car, he advises a drunken man (Erwin Ween Singh) to drink a cabinet.

Chippa is a bad farmer Jag Rag Who takes a thief in search of water for a drink in the middle-class Calcutta apartment building? Along the way, he asked a group to help him satisfy his thirst. The well does not supply any water. However The character of the X-ray coat in the 1956 movie does not get into trouble. He is still a child who has yet to understand exactly what life is unjust.

This is Christmas and chip birthday. He is in generosity. He buys a paddy on his motorcycle and orders tea for a newspaper vendor (Chandy Roy Sun Yale). Almost anyone who experiences it causes lust in the child. At one point he wants to be a taxi driver, the next he wants to play the trumpet at the big wedding. It will never stop dreaming.


Chippa Review: Sunny Pawar in the movie yet

Chippa It’s all like a love letter to the streets of Kolkata when all is quiet. The city has a tangible yet exhilarating quality as the city is blessed with the wisdom of its age. Cinematologist Ramanuja Dutta shows magic and world weakness in his moving frames.

Production of music by Belgian composer Cyril de Hess, working with Dibio Kamal Mitra Big elseIn order to avoid the passage of life when sleep falls on sleep areas, in addition to the strength of those who go through a day’s fatigue, it offers a sound-and-night sound. Chippa It is a new era that touches quickly with no fists.


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