Delhi Company Probed By CBI Over Child Pornography


CBC said the company had hosted Russian domain websites that contain objectionable files.

New Delhi

Officials said Tuesday that it was conducting investigations ahead of a private company located in Pashim Vihar near Pashim Vihar in West Delhi.

The agency has arrested the company, its directors and other unknown individuals for violating the Information Technology Act and the protection of children from sexual offenses.

It has been said that it has hosted websites for Russian domains containing content that is likely to be objectionable about child sexual exploitation. The lawsuit alleges that the Indian, Netherlands, and Russian Federation have been sued in the current location of servers, hosting content that opposes content and owns content that they should not object to, ”a CIA spokeswoman said.

Investigations have been made on the campus of the suspect’s residence, which has been linked to the restoration of electronic devices and the removal of documents and materials.

(This article was not edited by NDTV staff except for the subject. It was published from published food.)


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