Delhi High Court Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


He said this type of information is of paramount importance for any actions taken by migrants. (File)

New Delhi

The High Court of David in the COPID-19 epidemic said today that the crisis of work needs to be urgently needed to ensure timely action to ensure safety in these emergencies.

The High Court of Justice said that the first and foremost step in ensuring a fair, rigid regulation of migrant workers and their conditions is that they will be a combination of real data and integration. The same is true between the central government and the regions.

Justice Prabhiba Menon said that the details related to the migrant workers should be tightly coordinated so that they can be collected, searched, repaired, and accessible at any time by the center and the states.

Such information is essential for any judicial action to be taken against justice workers, Justice Zuma said.

For their purposes, governments must ensure that there is a central gateway to registering their emigrants as contractors or employers. Strategies and tools should also be provided. The judge added that employers and subcontractors do not have the same burden and can present the data without notice.

The order came in the direction of the Center and the Delhi government for the establishment of a machine that ensures implementation and implementation of a scheme for regional migrant workers. It shall include the appointment of Registration Officers, Licensing Officers, Appeals Officer, and Supervisors in accordance with applicable law.

The petition also called for directions to the Center and the Dell government to enact laws that would apply in the national capital.

Delhi Public Relations Advisor Rams Zing told the court that it was announced that the Registration Officers, Licensing Officers, Appeals Officer, and Supervisors had been appointed and that the provisions of the law were disclosed.

The attorney for the central government told the court that he should take instructions on the proper position of the officers.

The High Court ordered the Center and the Delhi government to issue their respective affidavits “to provide information that will be available through June 1, 2020.”

“In addition to the information, the Supreme Court has also said that the concerned government will also record procedures for the registration of migrant workers by contractors or employers,” the High Court said.

He directed them to report work reports on the number of agencies registered under the law, the number of licenses issued to contractors, and the number of migrant workers in law. The total number of officers appointed under the law

The Supreme Court has ordered both governments to file a claim before the next court date on June 29th.

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