Here’s how Real Life Sita Diptica Chiailia shot her husband Herman Topwane


Diptica Chikalia with her husband, Hem Anttopiella. (Respect: dipikachikhliatopiwala )


  • Duffy Chialia met her husband at a trade fair show
  • She was a role model for her husband in cosmetics
  • “To continue,” wrote Diffany Chilia

New Delhi

Deepika Chicago, known by fans Ramandar Sargan Ramayan Like Ct, Hem anttopowala kept her fan in control by sharing details about how she met IRL. The former actor said she would find her husband on the Cosmetics brand’s television commercial show. On Sunday, Misha Chicago posted the logo on her Instagram profile and wrote: “The brand is an ad. Kajjal. And what happened in the pictures … to continue. “

Watch the video as we await the details of the romance stories of Dipika Chikhlia and Hemant Topiwala:

Previously Diphtheca Chicago She shared an extensive article about how she met her husband and said, “You all know how Santa met Ram. So I wanted to give you a secret about how I got my real life Ram. My husband’s family is producing. And in It was the first film I made that I did, selling traditional Indian cosmetics in the name of Shanghai since 1961 Sunrise Maria Lala I was filming for one of the ads in the film and that movie was for Shingjjajal. While we were driving for an ad show, Hams was preparing to watch the show. That’s what we first met …. Then we were both in our lives, but we were both in our minds until we finally met again.

Check out her post here:

Earlier this week, while sharing a photo from her wedding album, Defika Chialia wrote: “You’ll always be surprised to know how I met my wife.”

Earlier this year, 55-year-old Deepika Chikalia appeared on the podium Caffeine Shark ShowsShe says she can be very distinguished even from Sita outside the screen.

Diphtheca Chicago Last seen in the 2019 movie Blah, Kitchen, Yomi Gotham and Bummy Pederkar, she is a political leader and poet, Sarojini and Idu, ready to appear in the BBC. It was named after him SarojiniThe film is directed by Asaki Naki and Drew Mishra and will be produced by KG Bay Patel.


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