It Took Ramayan Star Dipika Chikhlia Just 2 Hours To Make Wedding Decision


Duffy Chikalia and Hemi Toppulanla on their wedding day (courtesy) dipikachikhliatopiwala)


  • Duffy Chiliya shared a throwback pic from the wedding
  • The actress wrote: “We had a small ceremony on April 29th.”
  • “We got married the same year,” she added

New Delhi

Actress Dipitchi Chikalia, who shared her love story with husband Herman Topiwella, wrote about her simplicity Roca Ceremony and wedding Monday in the 1991 post of Instagram. The 55-year-old actress Hemit Topowan, who wrote about her first meeting in the first set of movie sets, She spoke to Instafam on a new show on Monday and continued: “So my Insta family is telling the story. We discussed collections of our careers – at the same time he began to attend his father’s office alongside his education. Years later he saw me in a park near my house. Later, he told me that I would always play in his mind all those years.

Duffy Chialia said that he met her on her birthday in 1991 and after a two-hour discussion on her birthday, it was enough to make the wedding call: “We finally met through a family friend in 2008. April 28, 1991 It happened and we chatted for about 2 hours and immediately returned to our minds and informed both of us that we had found life partners. dhana or roka) We got married the same year. Rest is history. Duffy Chialia and Herman Topwanla are the daughters of Juhi and Neddy.

Diptica Chicago also shared an amazing bad photo from their wedding. Read the post

Previously, Ramayan The actress Hemant Topiwala wrote for the first time on the set of the film’s trailer: “You all know how Sita Ram is. So I intend to keep you secret so that we know how to know my real life. Ram has been around since my husband’s family in 2000 Since 1961, they have been producing and selling traditional Indian cosmetics in the name of Shanghai. Sunrise Maria Lala I was filming for one of the ads in the film and that movie was for Shingjjajal. While we were driving for an ad show, Hams was preparing to watch the show. That was the first time we met … After that we were both immersed in our lives, but we were both in our minds until we finally met again.

She also shared the sequence from Sunrise Maria Lala“This was an advertisement for the brand, and the product was a cigar.

Everything started with this post: “When are you surprised to find out how I met my wife?”

Dipitka Chikalia is played by the legendary Sita Ramadan Sargan Ramayan. She was last seen in the 2019 movie Blah. Dipitka Chicago recently announced its next project, which will feature political leader and poet Sarojini Suburban in the BBC.


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