Kerala Pregnant Pineapple Baked Pineapple for Ati Crick

That brutal, locked pineapple walks for days in pain


A pregnant elephant has not been arrested for one week while an elephant stands on a low river. She ate Panama, which is suspected to have been contaminated by some locals. The death of elephants and the tragedy it has called for thousands of people to take action against the attackers.

Police have launched preliminary information on anonymous people by launching an investigation to arrest the perpetrators. The incident occurred after a forest officer listed the horrific death on social media.

Officials now estimate that the elephant ate its fruit in late April or early May. “We do not know when the incident occurred. But we suspect that this happened 20 days ago due to hunger and decline, ”forest official Ali Ali told AFP.

The elephant autopsy report only came out yesterday.

He went to a nearby village in search of food for the wild elephant and climbed out of the jungle jungle.

Pineapple homemade biscuits are often used to protect their farms from agricultural jungles. According to forest officials, the elephant is said to have eaten pineapple.

Her fruit has led to tragic consequences of an explosion in her mouth.

The biscuit was so powerful in his mouth that his tongue and mouth were seriously injured. The elephant walks for days in the village for days watching the pain and starving. She couldn’t eat anything because of her injuries. She is even back in the wild.

Authorities want to know about the elephant only on May 25, two days before her death.

The elephant eventually went to the Velliyar River and stopped there. The pictures tell him that an elephant had dug into his mouth and was standing in a trunk, perhaps relieving some of the pain he could endure. Mohan Krishnan, a forest officer who described the details in detail and shared photos on Facebook, said she had to do so to avoid the flies and other insects.

Forest officials brought two captured elephants, Rebecca and Nilakatana, to remove the river from the river.

On May 27, after authorities tried to rescue the elephant, she stopped in the water.

The elephant was thrown into a truck and the forest officials drove her away.


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