Laws of social directions analyzed by the Health Minister B Sriramulu’s Riverfront program

Neglected Social Vulnerability Guidelines in Canada's Ministry of Health

B Cramramlu is from the local A.L. He was surrounded by fans with Tippa Reddy.


Karnataka Health Minister Beira Siraruulu sings flowers on the wreckage of trucks operating on the beaches: A video of the Minister of Health has been violated by the Social Violence Act.

The minister went to Parashuramapura for Sh Bagraraga’s annual worship at the Chittathi River. In the truck, the Minister was surrounded by coincident with ML Tippa Reddy.

While the government recently allowed the body to hold locks of religious ceremonies, it enacted safety regulations, including social disturbances and regular hand washing.

The Minister said this is not an isolated incident.

“I returned to the river worship. I entered this program as a host of staff. I always ask for everyone. Follow these social distance rules, and we have set guidelines for this. ” I just removed the mask to talk to you. He said he would cover my face with this glue during the program.

Karnataka: Up to 3,408 Karnataka, now infected with coronavirus, beware of foreigners to stop the spread of the disease.

Previously, the center had opened air transport in all major cities and had previously imposed restrictions on the importation of persons from many territories or even on upcoming flights.

On Sunday, he announced that he would relax a lot on the rules of tolerance for people coming from other states, including the Hahara Cornuvirus Hospital – as a specialty.

People in Maharashtra must stay in institutional glass for seven days, while at the same time being isolated in the home. People from other states were allowed to be left home if there were no signs of infection.

Earlier a similar video came from neighboring Andhra Pradesh, a video where thousands of supporters gathered to welcome Chandrababu Naidu for the second time coming from Hyderabad to meet Charadabad.

Prime Minister Jaganah Reddy has accused the USSR Congress Party of Mr. Naud of violating his efforts and should remain neutral.


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