No haircut, Tamil Nadu Salon Censorship Cards

No haircut, Tamil Nadu Salon Censorship Cards

The Coronavirus salon and beauty salons reopened in Tamil Nadu on May 24th


  • He said Adiarr assists in communication-tracking
  • The salon told the beauty salons to keep a record of their customers
  • Tamil Nadu is the second most severely affected condition of coronavirus


Hair loss is not possible if there is no AAD card in the ankle epidemic. Reason: Contact: The government said that the salons and beauty salons in the region should visit the hairstyles, fence or any decorative service before they can find the Aadhaar number.

These businesses must keep a record of their customers, according to Idaho’s phone number, address and biometrics, so it is easier to track people if someone is infected with a virus.

“If a customer or employee is found to be positive, this will help us in the search,” said R Radhakrishnan, Relief Commissioner.

Salons and beauty parks reopened in the region It is the second one to be blamed for the plague in IndiaMay 24 after the center locks slightly. However, in Chennai, the state’s capital, where the cases are high, they are closed until the “Open 1” guidelines are open until the next Monday when they want to take India out of the tour.

Mr. Rushkushnan asked the Grand Syndicate Corps and district collectors to ensure that their customers follow orders to take Adhahar’s numbers, names and addresses.

The seven-page standard procedure or the SOP, which was released on Monday, has forced these businesses to install hand washing machines or at least hand sanitizers for clients and staff.

The SOP also states that the tissues cannot be reused and that paper tissues provided to clients should be safely disposed of. The masks and towels used on one client should not be used on the other before washing.

Tamil Nadu reported more than 1000 cases of coronavirus for the third day in a row. There are too many or 806 cases reported from Chennai. So far, the government has reported 24,586 cases and the deaths of 197 people.


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