Over 8000 COVID-19 Cases In India In Last 24 Hours, 1 June, 2020


The total number of casualties in the live updates of the Indian coronavirus cases has reached over 5,000. (File)

The live update of the Coronavirus virus, with over 1.88 lakh cases, has India down from France’s low of 1,88,752 and ranked ninth on the list of the 10 countries that have been hit by the Converse virus. The country recorded 1,88,883 cases of coronavirus until Sunday evening.

So far, the United States has reported more than 18 cases of choronavirus, making it the most populous nation. Brazil has more than five lakh cases, and Russia with four lakh cases.

Up to 3am Sunday, 8,380 new patients were reported in one day. This is the first time that cases of coronavirus in India have passed the 8,000 mark in one day.

According to government data, the total death toll associated with the disease was seen by 5,000 symptoms after 193 patients died on Sunday morning to Sunday morning 193 hours.

Currently, the country that has been hit by the worst outbreaks in the country – has recorded record levels for the past three days. The situation is very high as India is preparing to open in stages after two months of locking the epidemic.

Here are the live updates on the Coronavirus epidemic:

Returning COVID-19 cases are on the rise as returnees are trying side by side in Manipur. All people from other states should stay in institutional isolation for 14 days: Manipur Chief Minister Ehren Singh

A 14-day Quarantine mandate for returnees in Manipur

Man Utter Chief Minister En Beir Singh said Sunday that all those who come to the state from another state should remain in institutional isolation for 14 days.

He said the number of CVID-19 cases is increasing because the returnees are doing well in Manipur. He said all people from other countries should stay in institutional isolation for 14 days.

When asked about the attack on a special train from Guawa to Manningfang, beer news agency Nitish Kumar and Union Minister Peshesh Goyal intervened, news agency AIA reported.

No passes needed for entry of vehicles, leaving Madhya Pradesh

At the time of the subsequent announcement for Open No.1, CEO Shivra Singh Chohan said that there is no need for transit vehicles for entry or release vehicles in Madhya Pradesh.

According to Twitter, the prime minister’s office, however, will remain in the region until June 7.

Chohan announced that places of worship, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants will be opened outside the regional assembly zones on June 8th in the sub-city.

He said schools are open to holding Level 12 exams, though all educational institutions are closed. The decision to restart schools, colleges and training institutions will take place in the coming days, the news agency ANC reported.


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