Prashant Kishor Says Refused Congress Offer: No Bits And Pieces


Congress sources said Pashtun Kishore would prefer a broader, longer-term file.


Election strategist Kishner rejected a report from the Madhya Pradesh Congress to conduct a campaign for 24 Assembly seats. Many of the seats were vacant after the Jayatradadata Scandinavian faithful turned into the highest BJP.

Not only Punjab Chief Minister Kamil Nath, but also Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amran Singh Singh, who is proposed to campaign for the next general elections. But I refused and I have no intention of participating in Congress party work in the national party. Fragments, ”he told NDTV.

May Mr Kishore, who began his career as a president in 2014 by making a successful campaign for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was at variance with BJP chief Amit Shah.

Earlier this year, he campaigned for Arvin Kjerry wal in Delhi. At the event, the Kremjrjai Ami Admi Party has completed a combined victory, simulating the 2015 record.

Mr. Kushner is registered in Tamil Nadu along with Bengal’s Mamata Bareye and Tolga Star DMKK in the state. Both states will go to the polls next year and represent the 43-year-old election strategist.

In the years between the BJP and the APP, Mr. Kishore sought out UNITED NATIONS HIS BRANDMANGANSHAN UNITED NATIONS AND SUCCESSFUL campaigns. In addition, Nitish Kumar joined the Janana da United and organized their political party.

Last year, he was Prime Minister of Agra Pradesh, Jagan Mohan Reddy, for the state campaign.

Mr. Koshoho’s relationship with the Congress was achieved.

Their first two projects in the Congress – the 2017 elections in Uttar Pradesh and the jab in Abuja – produced very different results. When the coalition of the Congress and the Samajwadi Party was taken by the BJP, the party completed a remarkable victory in the Punjab. However, sources say that Utah Pradesh has stepped up its relations with the party.

According to Congress sources, Mr. Kishoho prefers a broader, longer-term engagement with the party, and does not operate on a government-to-state basis. We know his feelings. But this call only the senior leadership cannot take individuals or prime ministers, ”said a source in the party.


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