Privivera Sukuma and COVID-19 negative trials, have some quarantine time left


Privivijaja Sumuma shared this photo. (Image courtesy: Helphitrivi )


  • Prithviraj wrote: “The COVID-19 experiment was performed and the results are negative.”
  • He has been in the Jordan Wadi Rum desert for three months
  • He returned to India in May as part of Wanda Bharath Season 2

New Delhi

Actress Pravivirajja KumarHaving spent more than three months in Jordan and returning to India on May 22, he recently took the COVID-19 test and tested negative. The actor, who is currently in isolation, said he shared the COVID-19 trial report on his Instagram post on Wednesday and that despite the negative test results, he will follow the mandatory 14-day quarantine law “before returning home.” In the caption, Previwraj Sukran wrote, “The COVID-19 scan has been obtained and the results are negative. The quarantine is still completed before he returns home, “he added.” Stay safe and take care of all. ” Check out the post

The South Star, along with 58 members of the upcoming movie Aadujeevitham, He was trapped in the Three Jordan Jordan Wadi Road in the desert. They are shooting Aadujeevitham The Arabian virus was to remain in the Arabian Peninsula until the plague struck. The actor and the team returned from Jordan last month as part of Wanda Bratt Season 2The Government of India has been committed to restoring its citizens who have been detained abroad and have remained neutral since then.

Priviravi j was in business at Kochi Old Harbor Hotel for a period of 29 years.. In one of his previous posts, he said he would go home to finish the separation time he told his fans, but through the last post it seems that the actors are still in institutional isolation. The caption states: “My 7-day institutional revival ended today. For the next 7 days, home evacuation … PS – For those who take it or are already isolated in your home, remember … Going home is not the end of your neutral time. Follow all quarantine rules and make sure no one is in the home as a high-risk group, as mandated by the authorities.

Privvira j Sumaranran as Quit Violence, Nangam, Classmates, Hiya Shi Mukum, Alumul Nejam Tlammi, Cellulos And others His 2011 film Indian Rupee He won a national award for best feature film. Last seen in Driver’s license.


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