Tear Gas Fired During Clashes Outside White House

Tears of tears were shed during the White House shooting outside the White House


  • A quarrel broke out in a small park near the White House
  • Major U.S. cities launched pedestrian raids to stop violence
  • Floyd’s death also sparked protests in London.

Washington, United States

Police raided the streets outside the White House on Sunday night, protesting the rally of major US cities, as anti-racist protesters were again taken to the streets to express their anger.

In a six-night violence rally in Trump, the Transport Administration announced that there were further clashes between protesters and police and new vandalism.

Conflicts have been reported in a small park near the White House, and authorities have used tear gas, pepper spray and explosives to disperse people who have caused several fires and destroyed property.

Local American leaders called on citizens to voice their anger over the unusual death of black people in cities, including Washington, Los Angeles, and Houston.

A recent protest rally was outside the capital city of Minnesota, where the twins were traveling before taking the twins of St. Paul.

“We have black boys, black brothers, black friends, we don’t want them to die,” said 31-year-old Muna Abdi. We are tired of this happening, it has no generation, it is exhausted by oppression. ” – A black woman who joined the protest movement.

“I want to make sure he is alive,” said three-year-old Lena.

Hundreds of police and National Guard troops protested and took the lead.

Some protesters who once reached the bridge were forced to flee quickly after a truck was stolen.

Although there were no immediate reports of other injuries, the driver was taken to a hospital after the protesters pulled him out of the car.

Extensive demonstrations took place in cities, including New York and Miami.

The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump was running the basement in the White House on Friday evening. The New York Times reported that the Mayor of Washington ordered his vacation from 11am to 6pm. Opposition

Stores are installed

In recent days, several US cities have been rocking a large number of shops, and the list of shops listed in the Philadelphia neighborhood on Sunday.

Shops were reported in shops in a popular beachside shopping center on the outskirts of Santa Monica in Santa Monica.

May In 1992, when an African-American man, Rodney King, was brutally beaten by police and ordered a break from 4pm on Sunday.

Please use your discretion and go ahead, go home, stay home and help those who seek this conversation to burn things up and rob us of the things that need to change about racial justice. Mayor Eric Garcetti was asked by CNN.

An unusual black man, George Floyd, died in a shocking video on police last Monday that sparked a nationwide storm of violence against unarmed African Americans.

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chevin collapsed on his neck for about nine minutes and Floyd stopped breathing.

Chavin was indicted in court for the first time on Monday, charged with third-degree murder. Three other officers have been fired, but they have not yet been charged.

Tim Tim Walsh has been able to permanently disrupt the entire Minnesota National Guard – the state’s largest movement.

Police fired tear gas and explosives on Saturday night in Minneapolis to announce vacation proclamations.

Walz extended his three-night vacation on Sunday and thanked the police and security forces for the violence. They did this professionally. They did this without causing any loss of life and minimal property damage.

While congratulating President Donald Trump for his great work when he arrived in Minnesota last night, President Donald Trump posted on his Twitter page: “They should be used in other countries before it’s too late!” He said.

The Defense Ministry has assembled 5,000 other reserve troops in 15 states and Washington, the Defense Ministry announced.

The area where uniforms are widely advertised as uniforms for national conservation units is rare in 1967 and 1968, leaving behind memories of the turmoil of racial and economic differences in American cities.

Trump blamed the violence on the left, saying a group called Antafa is planning to name a terrorist organization.

Attorney General Bill Barra added: “The violence that was triggered by the violence by Antafa and other similar groups should be treated as domestic terrorism.”

“A People in Distress”

Atlanta Mayor Kisa Lee Ance Bottoms said Trump was not helping the police, which often urged police to use more aggressive tactics.

He said on CBS: “We are at a point of crisis in this country, and his words only expose that.”

May May Joe Ben Ben, a Democratic challenger in the November presidential election, visited an anti-racist protest.

“We are a country that is in pain right now, but we should not allow this pain to end,” Bunny posted a photo while talking to an African-American family at a site in Delaware late Saturday.

Floyd’s death has sparked protests across the United States, and hundreds of them have joined forces outside the US embassy in London.

“I’m here because I’m so tired. I’m so worried. When will this stop?” On the protest march, Doreen Pierre told the FBI.

In German football, international Jaden Sancho has revealed that he has marked an “out of three goals” against Paratrooper Dortmond, who showed off his jersey to show off his “Floyd Judgment” shirt.

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