Why Rajiv Gandhi Case Convicts Can’t Video Call Their Relatives: Court Asks State


The Regional Cabinet approved the release of seven defendants without trial.


The Madras High Court on Tuesday asked the government of the Tamil Nadu government to not allow the Rajiv Gandhi victims to make a video call to their relatives when it decided to release their victims, Nilini and her husband Srirara, and six others.

The bench of Justice Kibbarkirna and Justice R. Helamatta watched at the hearing of Newly’s mother, seeking directions for her daughter to speak with Sri Lanka’s mother-in-law and Londo’s father-in-law. For ten minutes every day.

He said that when he decided to release seven of the seven accused in the case, the prison authorities asked him why he was not willing to give his consent.

The regional cabinet’s decision was about the release of the seven defendants without trial, who demanded that the Regional Cabinet be accepted.

Prosecutor Anatharani Nalini told the court that he could not make video calls because there are no such laws to speak to anyone in any foreign country.

He said there is no guarantee that the offenders will use the facility for personal and family affairs because the crime against the international community has international penalties and because of the prohibition on foreign clothing.

Afterwards, the bench moved the court on Wednesday to issue an order directing the prosecutor to inform the court of the correct position of the court.

Previously, the prosecutor said that there was no provision in the Tamil Nadu Prison Rules or that it allows a prisoner to make video calls or voice calls.
Anyone in any foreign country.

The regional government and prison authorities cannot take any decisive decision, as the foreign affairs ministry is located within the university’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition to Nilini and her husband, the other parties convicted in the case are A. G. Parrivan, Satan, Jakimmer, Ravichandran and Robert Paya.

Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi passed away last year. On May 21, 1991, a suicide bombing took place at the site of a nearby TTC.

They were initially sentenced to death, but later the punishment was reduced to life imprisonment.


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